Why Is My Dog’s Occiput Getting Bigger?

A Bloodhound with a pronounced occiput

Did you notice that the small bump towards the rear of your dog’s head seems to be getting bigger?  The “smart bump” (officially called an occiput) is a normal part of a dog’s anatomy and seems to be more pronounced in some dog breeds, especially Labradors.  However, a change in size or appearance can be …

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Why Has My Puppy Got Diarrhea At Night?

puppy diarrhea only at night

Your puppy having diarrhea in the middle of the night is no fun for anyone, and can honestly be a little scary.  Having a new puppy is a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful and when you add a health issue, no matter how minor it is, it can add to that …

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Can Dewormer Cause Blood In Stool?

A puppy having a poop in the garden

We love our four legged friends, and we want to do everything that we can to take care of them.  Sometimes they get sick, and it’s up to us, their protectors, to take care of them.  One of the common things our dogs might end up contracting is worms.  What’s worse, even when we get …

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Help! My Dog Has A Rash On It’s Groin

dog rash on groin

When a dog develops a rash, many owners quickly panic assuming that there is something seriously wrong with their pup. But, there is often no need to worry when your dog develops a rash on its groin. This article will tell you all you need to know about groin rashes on dogs!  If the rash …

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How Much Do Dog Stitches Cost?

how much do dog stitches cost

Even the best behaved dog in the world will get himself in trouble at some point in his life. Dogs are curious by nature, they don’t have a concept of danger, and, unfortunately, accidents do happen. Don’t beat yourself over this, in most cases there was nothing you could do to prevent it, but now …

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How Much Does It Cost To Put A Dog To Sleep At PetSmart?

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Dog To Sleep At PetSmart

Many pet lovers relish the idea of going home to a beloved dog that has endearing habits and funny reactions to what might seem common things.  The dog may wag its tail excitedly, or the cat that rubs itself on its owner repeatedly, all such affectionate animal behavior brings delight to many pet owners.  However, …

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Help! My Dog’s Neuter Incision Is Open

dog neuter wound open

When you take your pup home after neutering surgery, it’s natural to be sick with worry.  The poor guy is still dazed, probably giving you the stink eye because it was you who took him to the vet, and, on top of that, the incision doesn’t look so good.  Or so you think. What can …

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Why Does My Dog Have Sores On Their Upper Lip?

why has my dog got sores on upper lip

Dogs can get sores on their lips just like humans.  Dogs are far more vulnerable to contracting certain diseases in their mouth because they use their mouths as hands.  Like picking up objects, eating food, and licking random surfaces, including their favorite human friend.  So if you ever noticed a sore, lesion, bump, or pink …

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Can A Hernia Kill A Dog?

Can a hernia kill a dog

When you discover a soft squishy mass bulging out of a dog’s abdomen, it’s natural to be worried. However, hernias are pretty common in dogs, including puppies and, although they can be life-threatening, they are entirely treatable. Some types of hernias can even repair themselves, but you cannot count on that. In this article we’ll …

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Why Does My Puppy Have Dandruff?

why does my puppy have dandruff

About 11 years ago I had quite a heated difference of opinion with my vet about puppy dandruff. Of all the things to get angry about, puppy dandruff doesn’t seem to be high on that list. We had just had a litter of seven beautiful Golden Retriever puppies and so we took them in to …

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