Can Dogs Eat Baby Back Rib Bones?

I have already written an article about rib bones and how dog friendly they are. That article has generated a lot of interest in whether baby back ribs are something that you should consider feeding to your dog. And so here is my article on it. Our dogs are difficult to say no to, aren’t …

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Should I Give My 8 Week Puppy A Bone?

8 week puppy bone

8 weeks is a very key time for a puppy.  It’s the age they mature and leave their mother and littermates behind to go to a new home.  It’s at this point they’re weaned off their mother’s milk to eat solid food for the first time.  It’s well known that dogs love chewing raw bones.  …

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Can Dogs Eat Pork Butt Bones?

Photo of a tray of pork butt bones

Dogs would do anything for a bone. Any kind of bone. As a responsible owner you’re surely wondering which bones are safe for your pet. Can dogs eat pork butt bones? Why not? In fact, pork butt bones are among the safest treats a dog can get. There are, however, some things to consider – …

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Can Dogs Eat Lamb Bones

can dogs eat lamb bones

Did you know that the average amount of lamb eaten by an American was just over a pound in 2020?  Which is a huge drop from the five pound average consumption which was seen in the 1960s? And that this is peanuts when you think that the average for chicken per person is over 200 …

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My Dog Swallowed A Chicken Wing Whole

scott eckersley R 7 ErUOLxw unsplash

Has your dog just stolen a chicken wing from the bowl on the coffee table?  You know, those buffalo wings that  your friends were meant to be eating whilst you watched tonight’s game? Or perhaps, you deliberately tossed your dog a wing bone to snack on and the bloody thing just swallowed it whole? That …

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Can Dogs Eat Duck Feet?

ducks feet

Your dog loves to chew, and you want to give them something to chew on. However, you want neither antlers nor rawhide because they’re too hard and might pose a choking hazard. Duck feet seem like a good alternative, and you’re considering going with that, but are they truly okay, can dogs eat duck feet? …

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Can Dogs Eat Cow Hooves?

can dogs eat cow hooves

How do you keep a dog entertained? For many pet owners the answer is to give them something to chew, something to keep them busy for a long time. Cow hooves are a popular choice for many people, as they are widely available and cheap. Oh, and dogs love them. The question is can dogs …

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Can Dogs Eat Deer Legs?

Whether you’re just looking for a new snack to try out for your dog or you enjoy hunting and want to share some of your spoils with your furry friend, giving your dog a deer leg seems like a good idea. And as we all know, dogs love bones. So are deer legs safe for …

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Can Dogs Eat Cuttlefish?

can dogs eat cuttlefish

If you live in a seaside area, you’ve probably seen cuttlefish washed up on the beach. Your dog, too, and he probably wants to see what they taste like since the smell is kind of intriguing. Can dogs eat cuttlefish? The answer is yes, it shouldn’t cause any problems. On the contrary, cuttlefish make for …

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What Are The Alternatives to Nylabone Chews?

nylabone alternative

If you have a dog, chances are you’ve walked into a pet store at least once.  With aisles of smelly treats and dog toys in every size and color, it’s no wonder it’s so easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for your furry friend.  With so many options, it’s hard for dog owners to decide …

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