Can Dogs Eat Flies?

Well over a year ago, I wrote an article about why some dogs were afraid of flies– which was after a conversation I had with my dad about one of his dogs. That article has led to many people asking me a closely related question about whether dogs can eat flies. And so I have …

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Help! My Puppy Just Ate A Rock

puppy swallow rock

Dogs eat a lot of random things, from grass to your homework.  But what if your dog ate a rock?  And especially, what if your small puppy ate a rock? You would understandably be worried because rocks are extremely hard and rough. Puppies eating rocks can cause a slew of issues, from choking to intestinal …

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Can Dogs Eat Cocoa Butter?

Can Dogs Eat Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a popular ingredient in commercial moisturizers, homemade moisturizers and in many cake baking recipes. But how safe is it for dogs?  The answer may surprise you! Not only can cocoa butter be harmful to your dog’s health, but it can also even be deadly!  If you have cocoa butter around the house, …

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Dog Ate Clorox Wipe

My Dog Ate A Clorox Wipe

Since the start of the pandemic a couple of years ago, everyone has become much more aware of our need to keep things hygienic. And what better way to do this than by using disinfectant wipes? One quick wipe on a work surface, door handle or an object and we have an instant peace of …

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Help! My Dog Ate Kinetic Sand

dog ate kinetic sand

Oh no, did the dog just eat Johnny’s kinetic sand? You left your child to play with his kinetic sand while you go to the kitchen to prepare lunch. All of a sudden you hear your child laughing, so you look over to see that the dog is eating the sand right out of little …

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My Dog Ate A Seresto Collar

Dog Ate Seresto Collar

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion amongst pet owners regarding Seresto collars and whether they are safe for pets. Seresto collar is a brand of a flea and tick collar, meaning it’s used to repel fleas and ticks from dogs and cats. Wrap it around your dog’s neck and it works by gradually …

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Is Clover Poisonous For Dogs?

is clover poisonous for dogs

If your dogs are anything like mine then they spend enough time surrounded by grass- whether they are in the garden, at the park or in some fields at the top of my house. And the interesting thing about grass is that it has other things growing amongst it.  And one of the things that …

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Can Dogs Eat Pine Cones?

can dogs eat pine cones

There you go in that mad dash to clear your yard of pine cones before your dog gets there before you.  Or perhaps you spend much of the Autumn jogging along with your dog as you walk in your favourite forest ready to pounce on any pine cone that you see in order to stop …

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Dog Ate Underwear

dog ate underwear

Dogs eat weird stuff. Some chew shoes, others go for your furniture, and some eat underwear. Why can’t they stick to those expensive chew toys, right? I mean, come on! It’s right there, dog-friendly, and generally doesn’t cause any permanent damage. Okay, so the reasoning might not always make sense because, well, dog logic. But, …

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Why Does My Dog Lick Wet Grass?

why do dogs lick wet grass

There are probably many reasons why dogs enjoy licking grass. It could be boredom, anxiety problems, stress-related, or they’re just upset; this may seem unusual, but it’s true.  Some dogs lick wet grass when they are unwell; that could be another possibility. Think about how most dogs enjoy being outside; they love running around and …

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